Hi and welcome...

Taking the first step into therapy can be daunting. The chances are if you are reading this, therapy is something that you are contemplating already.

The perception that therapy is for crisis management or for those experiencing mental health difficulties is true in many cases. Psychotherapy can also be about ongoing growth and wellbeing. It can provide support for you through difficult times and maybe help you find a new way of being in the world. Perhaps you are stuck in patterns of behaviour that are leaving you feeling frustrated and you would like to understand what’s behind it, and how to move forward in a new way.

Maybe you feel lost and alone, and that no one “gets” you. Perhaps you are struggling with feelings you don’t understand, but would like to figure out what is going on. It might be that you need time out of your busy life to just talk, connect and feel grounded in the world.

Sometimes we can reach a point in our lives where we want things to be different. It may be clear how to make those changes, or we may need help to understand what we need and how to make the changes in ourselves to get what we need.

I can help.
I provide a safe space that is confidential and comes without judgement. I offer you time to talk things out and to be heard. We can try to understand the things that are causing you pain or holding you back.

My room is a private and comfortable space, conveniently and discreetly located in Midleton in East Cork.
I am also available to work remotely, meaning that in these unpredictable times, you can still feel supported and connected.

If you would like to know about how I work, it’s HERE.

If you would like to contact me, its HERE.